Remaining authentic and natural - that is our mission.

Respect for the nature and to not forget where everything comes of. This is our interpretation of the term "down to earth". We want to continue to grow. Not with more vineyards and not constantly with more quantity of wine. On the contrary - more substance is what we care about. The conversion to biodynamics is one of the steps in this direction and others will follow. Which ones? Let's see what time brings …

Once Reisenberger always Reisenberger.

Vineyards like the 'Goldberg' and its special site 'Zwergsberg' are extraordinaire locations for extraordinaire wines. Only three of our wines are coming from here. Nevertheless, they are our absolute favorites and beyond a token of our allegiance to Reisenberg. Say: We are here to stay.

With wine, you can have a good time, everywhere.

Leithaberg and Reisenberg. These are two directions, two worlds and two sites. Both are - in their own way - equally dear and important to us. In this sense it does not make any difference where it begins and ends. The main thing is to stay down on earth.

Everything from passion.

We are conviced, that what is not made with love, should not be made at all. That is our motto at work, in live and while enjoying. And so we drink and savour our wines with so much joy and love, as we have made them. And for such kind of poeple, they are made. Therefore, it is important for us, to offer a wide range of wines - from fruity whites to highly-philosophical reds - for every mood and situation.

Over the mountain to the lake into the sun …

… that is where our vineyards are, on some of the best and most promising hillsides of the Leitha Mountains, inclining to Lake Neusiedl and the intense Pannonian sun. These ideal microclimate conditions in connection with the particular mineral soils of the Leitha Mountains are the perfect base for wines of high intensity and finesse.

The true resources of life are the natural …

... and it is a living being and not a thing. Therefore, we are consistently working towards organic and biodynamic cultivation, since a few years. Why? Very simple: because you can see, smell and taste the difference in the vineyard and in the wine with every fiber. Also (or especially) on the next day.

Good can only be done by yourself!

I am a worker – with love and passion. Therefore, we always get personally involved in work and do not delegate more, than is necessary. This ensures an intense direct connection between us and our wines - and ensures that we never lose traction. In other words: Our wines are of the utmost authenticity.